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Did you know there's a lovely new texting option called The Quickie? The Quickie provides you with an easy way of checking back in with yourself at a moment’s notice, allowing you to re-frame your current thoughts and feelings, so that you may quickly be on your merry way.

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Integrative Sessions

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It is my greatest pleasure to offer an integrative approach to well-being. I am available by personal telephone conversation and at my Chicago office location.

After earning my MSW at Loyola University I spent several years in private practice, working with adults and couples. As a therapist I continue to explore the many avenues to maintaining a balanced and happy connection. I have developed what I refer to as an integrative approach to well-being.

I believe that people are amazing, beautiful, filled with light and love, passion, joy and enthusiasm. We are beings with intuitive knowing and infinite intelligence. We can learn anything, can have everything and are powerful manifesters who thrive in well-being.

And sometimes we get stuck.

Stuck is a moment in time. Yet it only takes a moment to make a shift to a better feeling place. I am masterful in my ability to assist you in re-framing a situation. Most often it is not the situation that has created the misalignment, it’s how we feel about the situation. How do we change the storyline to create a better feeling place to move forward to? Sometimes we simply need permission to redirect ourselves inward, back to the most important relationship, the one that we have with ourselves.

The contrast that I have experienced throughout my lifetime has been stunning. Each and every wonderful moment has brought me closer to the clarity of the life that I have so joyously created. I know that it is possible to achieve a happy, healthy and prosperous life because I live it every day. Leading by example, with a unique ability to intuitively connect with people; I feel passionate about guiding you to this knowledge.

The beauty of this integrative approach to well-being is that it is a feel good process that is direct and nurturing. I will assist you in re-connecting your deepest knowing to your daily living in the most joyous ways.

I would like to guide you in regaining your balance as you relax back into your natural state of well-being. Sessions will primarily be on the telephone at a time that would be most convenient for you. If you would prefer a session at my Chicago location, please contact me with your request.

Purchase Session Time


One 30 minute Initial Session

The initial session will run 30 minutes in time and cost $60. I will begin by assisting you in identifying and re-framing your initial concerns so that it all feels more manageable. I will encourage you to look at the issues as a wonderful opportunity to gain clarity for yourself.

After the Initial Session, you may choose to purchase a 60-minute block of time for $120, or 3 or more at $110 each.

60 Minutes of Integrative Session(s)

Use your purchased time as you wish, breaking it up into time increments that feel best for you.

Block of Time Integrative Sessions

Use your purchased time as you wish, breaking it up into time increments that feel best for you.


Gift Certificates

These beautiful Integrative Session Gift Certificates will be mailed to you. Gift Certificates are not redeemable for cash.


Special packages are also available for ongoing Integrative Sessions at your corporate location. Please contact me for details.

Payment is done entirely through Paypal, the safe and secure global payment-processor. Paypal accepts all major credit cards, and it is not necessary for you to already have an account with them. If you would like to arrange some other form of payment, contact me.

Client Recommendation

I found Jamie Lerner on the Web while looking for a possible therapist. I spent an unheard of 15 minutes going through the Web site, intrigued by how comfortable I felt. Inclined to doubt, uncertain and just being the wary guy that I am, I made the phone call to inquire about a possible consultation appointment. As soon as I heard Jamie's calm, clear and warm voice I knew that I was heading in the right direction. Relieved that I had received her voicemail, and thinking that I would not hear back for a while, I left my message. Two hours later I received her call asking how she could be of assistance to me. My initial session was a 30 minute phone consultation where I found myself explaining what I called my ‘big mess of a problem’ and Jamie sagely referred to as my ‘current situation.’ Thirty minutes later I felt remarkably better about everything.  

I decided to sign on for the 3 session package and Jamie helped me re-frame my current situation. After just one session I began to consider the situation as part of my life, instead of it being my life. I scheduled my next session as a telephone session, one hour split into two 30 minute calls from the road. The first call was while I was sitting at the airport on a layover and it went surprisingly well. My second 30 minute call was from my rental car as I was heading back to the airport after my business meeting. I was really starting to get the hang of this new approach to well-being. The following week I was back in Chicago and saw Jamie in her office. I was focused, and feeling ready to change my storyline.

After just 6 sessions, I have come to realize that yes I am my own greatest resource, and yes who would know better for me than me – no one! Thank you Jamie Lerner.

- Aaron Z. Chicago, IL