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"It is possible to achieve a happy, healthy, and prosperous life that you can live every day. How can we make that shift? Think of a time when you are standing or sitting, and you make a subtle movement to get more comfortable—you are making a shift. People do this all the time, everyday, intuitively knowing how to make themselves comfortable. This represents the simplicity of making a shift. You can also create this subtle process in your mind. It is a little nothing, and yet it is everything."

From Welcome (Chapter 1)
Your inner being is on call 24/7, 365 days a year, just waiting for you to tune in and be guided. It is your personal Jesus, your Buddha, your Abraham, your grace, your Krishna, your guru, your Bodhi, and your Al-Mahdi. It is your personal, private assistant who will never call in sick, never judge you, and never turn an unkind eye to you....

It is the ever-loving essence of you.

From Inner Being (Chapter 2)
“It’s wonderful when we give ourselves the luxury of time to ponder something for pleasure and curiosity, and for the sheer joy of it.”

From Allowing (Chapter 8)

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Rich with information, The Ever-Loving Essence of You enthusiastically shares with readers suggestions of how to illuminate and refine their life experience, and positions them as their own experts of personal choice.

The Ever-Loving Essence of You is about re-creating the greatest relationship—the one that you have with yourself. We invite you to give yourself the greatest gift of all, and that would be the gift of self-love.

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